Ask yourself these 11 questions to see if you are in the right path to becoming a millionaire.

The following article is based on the book “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco.


For me, “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco is like the elder knowledgeable brother of “4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. I will tell you why.

I got into entrepreneurship after I read the 4 Hour Workweek. Because it promised exactly what a young 20 something would love to have. The ability to make a boatload of cash by just working 4 hours a week. That’s an offer you can’t refuse 🙂

So I got into entrepreneurship being extremely optimistic. My goal was to make a lot of money, as quickly as possible, by putting little effort. And boy, was I wrong? Although Tim did mention in the book that he was initially working 15 hour days for nearly 2 years before he decided to automate his business and live the 4 hour workweek lifestyle, I don’t think he explained that part of his life in detail.

“The Millionaire Fastlane” goes in-depth about the process of being an entrepreneur, the hustle, the grind and the sleepless nights.

Let me make it clear for you guys – Before every 4 hour workweek, there was an 80-100 hour workweek.

“4 Hour Workweek” is a great offer, just as good as “30 Minutes or Free” offer by Dominos Pizza 🙂

And I think that is why it’s a great book, it gives entrepreneurs enough courage to start. And once they start, hopefully at least a few will build the momentum and the audacity to surrender to the process. “The Millionaire Fastlane” shows you the process, and it helps you to move forward and make the right choices when times are tough.

As a sidenote, I love 4 hour workweek! It’s an amazing book because it focuses on the good life and explains nicely how to automate your business.

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In this article we will go through a number of questions that will act as a reality check, to see if your goals and actions are coherent. If they are not, your actions are not going to lead you to your goals and I want you to fix it as quickly as possible.

Here they are …


There are three roadmaps that you can choose from – Sidewalk, Slowlane and Fastlane.  The wealth that you accumulate in the future will depend on the “true essence” of the roadmap that you choose.

The true essence of being in the sidewalk is poorness.

The true essence of being in the Slowlane is mediocrity.

The true essence of being in the Fastlane is wealth.

Which one did you choose?

Check this article to know about the roadmaps available for you in greater detailCLICK HERE.


Just running any business will not make you rich. You have to build a Fastlane business.

There are five commandments that will make your business a PURE Fastlane business. These commandments are given the acronym CENTS. They are

1) Commandment of Control Who controls your company? If your whole business operates on an external platform you will be out of business if the platform decides to shut you down.

Try to run your business in a way that you have maximum control of your revenue, profit, sales .etc . Invest in your own brand, do not hitchhike with someone else.

2) Commandment of Entry – The higher the entry barrier the less will be your competition. Weak entry means that you will have to always fight a lot of competitors. You have to be exceptional to overcome weak entry. Business is a competitive environment but you are going to have an edge if your business had high entry barrier.

If everyone is doing what you are doing you have to GET OUT AND STAY OUT.

3) Commandment of Need – You have to stop chasing money and start chasing needs. If your business solves a need you will win.

4) Commandment of Time – Will your business always require your presence or will it run passively? Businesses that don’t require too much human intervention will grow a lot faster as well.

5) Commandment of Scale – Scale is your reach (number of customers) and magnitude (profit margin).

You will read more about scale in the “Law of Effection” section that is written further down in this article.

Consider CENTS as a Fastlane litmus test. It is hard to find a business that hits ALL 5 commandments, but try to hit as much commandments as possible.

We will go a little deeper into the CENTS commandments in another blog post.


Law of attraction is not enough!

What is the Law of attraction (LOA)? It states that if you truly believe that you want to be rich, that you want to be successful, that you want something to happen, the universe will give it to you. And you do this by visualization, meditation, positive thinking and putting pictures of your goals all around you. MJ DeMarco believes that LOA is just a technique used by “Get Rich Easy” community to make money by selling the information for mass consumption. LOA will never work, unless it manifests into taking massive amounts of action.

The Universe will not give anything to you unless you work your ass off to make things happen.

What you need is not LOA but LOE (Law of Effection).

LOA is not a law, but a theory! A law is a term given to something that is quantifiable. Unlike LOA, Law of Effection (LOE) is quantifiable.

LOE states that the amount of money you make is proportional to the number of lives you impact both in scale and magnitude. You have to impact millions to make millions!

Here is the magical equation –

Net Profit = Unit Profit (Magnitude) X Unit Sold (Scale)

If you sell 20 million pens with 75 cents profit you made 15 million dollar of net profit. That math is simple. This is an example of a business with less magnitude and more scale.

If you have 400 apartments that gives you a profit (from rent) of $500 a month you are making 2.4 million dollar every year in net profit. This is an example of a business with higher magnitude and less scale.

As a sidenote, here is an interesting article from Christopher Janz (A great entrepreneur) – Five ways to build a $100 million business and Eight ways to build a $100 million business

The article says that in order to build a $100 million business you can hunt clients of different magnitude in different scale! I highly recommend you to read those articles but I will outline the main points below. Check it out –


1) Hunting Microbes – If you profit $1 per year per client and you have 100 million clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Whatsapp (If they plan to monetize this way)

2) Hunting Flies – If you profit $10 per year per client and you have 10 million clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Yelp.

3) Hunting Mice – If you profit $100 per year per client and you have 1 million clients, you have a $100 million business. Example –  Evernote and Mailchimp.

4) Hunting Rabbits – If you profit $1,000 per year per client and you have 100,000 clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Most SaaS companies.

5) Hunting Deers – If you profit $10,000 per year per client and you have 10,000 clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Some SaaS companies.

6) Hunting Elephants – If you profit $100,000 per year per client and you have 1,000 million clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Biggest SaaS companies that have enterprise clients such as  Workday, Salesforce.

7) Hunting Brontosaurus – If you profit $1 million per year per client and you have 100 clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Veeva

8) Hunting Whales – If you profit $10 million per year per client and you have 10 clients, you have a $100 million business. Example – Palantir (Peter Thiel’s company). Another example could be celebrities signing million dollar contracts.


Wealth is a trinity of three F’s. They are –

  1. Freedom (Choice)
  2. Family (Relationships)
  3. Fitness (Health)

We will briefly go through the three F’s below –

1) Freedom – Wealth is freedom to live how you want to live. Freedom from bosses, alarm clocks and the pressures of money. Freedom to pursue your dreams and to raise your children as you see fit.

Freedom is the liberty to live life in your way.  An abundance of money is the best way to attain freedom. Money can buy you the freedom to pursue your craziest dreams, the freedom to see your kids grow up, the freedom to do what you love without worrying about finance .etc

2) Family – You have to build strong-spirited familial relationship with not just your family but also with people, friends, god .etc. Richest moments of your life are experienced when you are surrounded by a family of friends and loved ones.

Wealth is making a difference in the lives of others. Wealth is unconditional love.

3) Fitness – You need to take care of your health to feel wealthy. Health is the foundation of your wealth. Do you think you will be happy if you own a big house and a Lamborghini but if your health is terrible? No.

Focus on fitness.

Money will not buy you happiness if the wealth trinity is not satisfied and if it is not in harmony.

Instant gratification destroys wealth trinity. Buying unaffordable things will destroy wealth trinity.


You have to be process driven to be successful as an entrepreneur.

4 hour workweek will not make you successful unless you put many 80 hour workweeks first.

It is not possible to outsource the “wealth process” because if someone gives your desires without you putting any effort you are handicapping process.

If you are trying to find the next “Big Hit” you are more likely to be event driven and not process driven.


The last thing you want to do if you want to be a millionaire is to make “others” responsible for your financial plan.

You cannot hitchhike wealth. If you do that you are going to fall into victimhood.

To be wealthy you have to immunize yourself from victimization. People who don’t take responsibility are victims. They always fold hands and put blame into others.

Charlie Munger always said that he is never a victim! That is how winners think.

Here are symptoms of victimhood –

“They laid me off”

“They increased my rent”

“They cheated me”

“They didn’t tell me”

If your company laid you off is it their fault that you chose to work there?

If your business partner cheated you is it his fault that you did not think deeply before you partnered with him?

Wealth demands responsibility followed by accountability.

If something unfavorable occurs to you first take complete responsibility of it. Sometimes you might not be entirely responsible for that situation, but by looking from that angle you will be able to learn much more. Once you are responsible the next step to take is to be accountable.

If you admit responsibility of your wallet being stolen but still flaunt it in open view on the table you are not being accountable.

Do not let mistakes happen twice. Be accountable after you take responsibility.   


The choices you made today will impact you forever. Choices are the most powerful control you have in your life.

As you keep making choices, over time your goals and your life will converge and intersect or diverge and the gap will widen. Choices decide whether you will be rich or poor.

The leading cause of poorness is poor choice. The Millionaire Fastlane talks about 2 steering tips for better choices and better life –

1) Worse Case Consequence Analysis (WCCA) –

Whenever you have to make a choice, try to answer these 3 Questions

What is the worst case consequence of this choice?

What is the probability of this outcome?

Is this an acceptable risk?

The analysis for the 3 questions above should not take more than a few seconds. Usually just trust your gut feeling and if see if you should pursue that choice.

2) Weighted Average Decision Matrix (WADM) –

If you want to choose between two choices, make 3 columns. Name them Factor, Choice 1 and Choice 2.

For each factor give a weight from 1-10 depending on the priority of the factor.

Give a grade from 1-10 for each choice as you think about.

Multiple the weight and grade, and add the column to get the final score. See which choice has a better score and go with that one.  

You can also visit HelpMyDecision.com and they will guide you through the above process.


To be a winner in the Fastlane you should be forged at the redline.

To be in the redline you have to be 100% committed. It is not enough to be “just interested”, you have to be committed. If you are interested you will read books, if you are committed you will read and apply a book 50 times or more. If you are interested you will work for an hour a day from Monday to Friday but if you are committed you will 7 days a week in all waking hours.

When MJ DeMarco built his business he was 100% committed, he spent 12 hours a day for many weeks perfecting his business system. He had forgone several drinking nights with friends.  MJ’s friends were trying to be the winner in a fantasy world, but MJ was committed to being the winner in real world.

It is hard to stay committed unless the idea of working a 9-5 job is more painful than the idea of working in the dirt in all waking hours until you get financially independent. 9-5 job occurs in the first gear while Fastlane occurs in the discomfort of the redline.


Take advice from people with a proven, successful track record in their discipline

A lot of gurus who give advices on making money is dangerous for you because they have a paradox of practice. They do not practice what they preach. Beware of gurus who are not rich due to their teaching, but because they sell it.


Over 3 trillion dollars are exchanged in the world currency market every single day. Even if you spent a million dollar every single day for 8000 years you still will not finish 3 trillion dollars.

Money is actually abundant. What is scarce is time.

Here is the equation of time –

Lifespan OR Total Time = Freetime + Indentured Time

Indentured time is the time that you spend making a living.

Free time is the time that you spend doing everything else.

 Always try to have a good ratio of free time vs indentured time.

For example, if you make $10 an hour and you buy a $4000 audio system, you basically paid 400 hours of your indentured time! Since Total Time won’t change (24 hours every day) the indentured time for the audio system  is taken from your free time. Do you really need that $4000 audio system when you are making a minimum wage?

Now what is the best way to become rich? Use your Free time smartly.

Do not sleep until noon

Do not watch hours of TV

Do not play video games all day

Use that time to learn and build you business!

Hear audio books while driving and while exercising. Work on your business while waiting. Even work on your business while watching TV or while doing your job (We all know how much time you waste during a 9-5 job). Use time well.

Time is precious folks 🙂


To be in the Fastlane you have to be absorbing knowledge all the time. You do not finish studying after graduation, you have to keep learning throughout life.

You do not have to go to a University by taking huge loans. Due to internet and the number of books available to you, there is no excuse that you do not know something. You can always learn and improve your knowledge.

What should you learn? Learn whatever that is required to build your business system. By reading books you can be an expert in currency trading, real estate, web programming, sales, business .etc.


My advice for you is to read the article at least 3 times. Also read the book when you find some time because the book goes really deep! If you come back to these article after you complete the book these concepts will be extremely clear for you guys.

Buy The Millionaire Fastlane By MJ DeMarco if you like the notes and you want to dive in deeper.

So are you going to implement anything you learned from this article into your business? Please let me know in the comments below.

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