Are you focusing on your strength?

Are you passionate about your business?

Do you think that your performance is mediocre?

The following article is based on the book “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker.


There are not many books out there that can explain so much in so little words.

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker is just 64 pages long, but its a timeless classic. You have to read this book between the lines and implement it rigorously in your life.

Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) was a Management Guru. BusinessWeek titled him as “The man who invented management”. Peter Drucker directly influenced leaders from big organizations such as IBM, General Electric, Intel, Red Cross .etc.

As always, all articles in StartupStrong will go real deep, but if you find it valuable I encourage you to go ahead and read the book completely. Also, promise yourself that you will take action on the knowledge immediately.




The main idea behind this book is to “FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTH”

This is something which Gary Vaynerchuk talks about ALL THE TIME. When I first heard from Gary that I should focus on my strength, boy, was i pissed!! At that point of my life I thought that I did not have any strength. But this book opened my eyes to a new concept called “Feedback Analysis” which helped me to find my strength. And that lead me to pursue a business that focused on my strength.

So pay attention boys and girls, I am going to give the mic to Peter Drucker. He is going to come at you with his 7 NOTEWORTHY POINTS to manage oneself.


You have to work on improving your strength.

Because it is a LOT HARDER to change from incompetency to mediocrity than to change from first rate performance to star performance.


Usually your strength is a talent that is given at birth. You have to work as little as possible to improve areas of low competence and go all in on your strength.

As a sidenote, don’t take this as an excuse to not improve areas in your life that can be improved. For example, even though you are bad at goal setting does not mean that you should not work on it. Get Asana, Trello or other software and improve on your goal setting skills. But if your company is not improving because you are not a great goal setter you can always hire someone or find a co-founder who are great goal setters than you are. Mark Cuban always had great goal setters in his business because he was sloppy. His strength was to push his business forward to unimaginable heights because he was a visionary. The idea is not to focus on your weakness as a career option, but you can improve on your weakness basically to round things out.


So the next obvious question is, how do you find your strength?

The only way to find your strength is to use Feedback Analysis. Here are the steps that you should take –

  1. Whenever you prepare to take a key action or key decision in your life, write down what you expect will happen 9-12 months later.
  2. Hustle hard on that decision for the next 9-12 months.
  3. Compare your results with your expectations.
  4. Practiced consistently you will be able to find where your strength lie in a fairly short period of time, maybe in 2-3 years.

Once you find your strength you are going to be limitless. So use feedback analysis to your FULL ADVANTAGE.


How do you perform is also given at birth, just like your strength!

Some people are listeners, some people are readers. A listener who tries to be a reader or vice versa will not perform as much.

Do you work well with people or do you perform better when you are alone?

I am able to grasp a lot of knowledge when I write things down. I am a writer.

Richard Branson was extremely bad at writing notes. So he trained himself to remember things he read. And we all know how successful Richard Branson is 🙂 This is also what Gary Vaynerchuk calls “Self Awareness”. Be aware of the way you perform and work hard to improve it.


Whom do you want to become? Whom do you want to see yourself in the mirror?

Your values are and should be the ultimate test!

Lets say you want to be a successful basketball player, maybe that is your value. But if you are just 5 ft 4 inch tall, your body is clearly not built to be successful in basketball. Now maybe your strength is in computer programming. Clearly you are in a difficult situation right now, and you have to make a choice.

If there is a conflict between your personal value and strength you will feel that your strength is something that you don’t want to devote your whole life into.

And now you have to make a decision. Its important to be very passionate in what you are trying to achieve, and that is why your value should be the ultimate test.

As a sidenote, learn how to form teams so that you can focus on your value even if its not your strength.


You have to contribute such that your strength, your way of performance and values are in congruence.

What results do you need? What is your current situation? And you have to contribute in a way that your current situation will merge with the result that you want to achieve.



Results should be hard to achieve. And you probably will have no idea how to reach the results that you need. That is okay, because results should require stretching.

Also results should be meaningful, it should make a difference to you. That is why it is important to merge your result with your value system. Finally results should be visible and measurable.

Once you set a result you want to achieve create goals, deadlines, course of action and decide where to start.

As a sidenote, results should be within reach. To aim at results that cannot be achieved – or can only be achieved under the most unlikely circumstances in being foolish, not ambitious. Unless you are Elon Musk 🙂 For the record, even Elon Musk had told in a interview that he will only pursue a goal in which at least one of the possible outcomes must be success.


You have to take responsibility of others.

It is fascinating that you have to understand your coworkers in order to manage oneself. You have to know the strength, the way of performance and values of your coworkers.

You should also be responsible of what you communicate with other people – “This is what I am good at, and this is what I will deliver”. This is because organizations are no longer build on force, but on trust.


Information that i shared with you right now will be extremely valuable in your business and personal life.

Buy Managing Oneself By Peter Drucker if you like the notes and you want to dive in deeper.

I hope that this article gave everyone some value or inspired you to pick the book up and read it thoroughly. Bob Proctor read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon hill for 6 years, from 1955 to 1961. And by that time he already built his office cleaning business into a million dollar industry. Its not about how many books you read, but how deeply you understand what you read and put it into practice.


Apply this article into your business, into your personal life or just bookmark this page for reference later. Do let me know your thoughts on my article. Also let me know which book you want me to share with you in future episodes in the comments below.

Hustle hard my friends 🙂

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